Monday, February 14, 2011

Where I’ve come from - the stuff

I keep stuff I don’t need.  I buy stuff I don’t need.  I buy more than I need. I buy things and keep things for ‘just in case’.  I think I’m saving money when I buy something on a really good special, not realising that if I never use it then the money is wasted.  
When I was studying English Literature, I would scour the secondhand bookshops for my required texts, but came home with three other books I wanted to read, but not necessarily the book I needed.   It would have been cheaper to go straight to the Uni bookshop!
My friends and I would go ‘op-shopping’.  I don’t know what you call it in your part of the world, but we would jump in the car and go to four or five different charity stores.  In Australia we call them op (opportunity) shops, or Vinnie’s (St Vincent De Paul) and Salvo’s (Salvation Army) and or Lifeline, after names of shops.  We could go looking for outfits for fancy dress parties, or dress up nights at youth group (a couple of us were leaders), or just funky outfits.  I could easily go for a morning op-shopping with the girls and spend $20 or $30, and never spend more than $5 on a piece of clothing.  I’d go by myself other times.  I was buying all my clothes cheap - I was, and still am a little, into the retro look - but buying so many of them.   I did get a lot of bargains.  A dress for 10c, that I got a lot of wear out of, and is still hanging in my cupboard because I love it and haven’t been willing to part with it yet.  A pin-stripe suit for $1.  I gave that back to Salvos a few weeks ago.   
When I was studying Education I would collect things that would be useful for teaching.  I was going to be teaching Music and English, so I collected up books and CDs and sheet music.  They would all come in handy if I were to be teaching a unit on that particular topic! 
I love to sew and make things.  I have unfinished craft projects, and untouched fabric and craft materials dating back over ten years.  
Since having a family I stockpile food and clothes and toiletries and games and activities.
I could go on, but I won’t.  I need to put an end to buying things for in case I need them, and then not using them. 

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