Monday, April 25, 2011

How not to have less!

This morning, I was flipping through a food magazine that my grandmother had passed on to me.  She buys a lot of them, and they get passed to her daughters and then on to me.  I used to read them all and tear out recipes to try, but after realising I was never going to get through that pile of recipes, I now just flip through a couple of magazines and pass the whole lot on to someone else.

A paragraph struck me in the 'everyday cooks notes' section:
Investment Strategy
Considering a new kitchen appliance?  Before you hand over the credit card, ask three key questions; where will I put it, how often will I use it, and this time next year, will I be finding a new home for it? Then, to keep things interesting, allow yourself one irrational purchase per year.
And that one purchase, does it matter where you'll put it, how often you'll use it or whether you'll still be using it next year?      But, magazines make their money from advertising, and if people were always rational with their purchases, then the magazine industry would probably collapse.  What a shame.  Okay, end sarcasm.

I think the thing that most struck me was that this snippet struck me at all!   How much has my thinking changed.   I'm not going to buy a Cuisinart ice-cream maker ($119) or a Redecker vegetable scrubber ($8.95), both advertised on the same page, because I don't need them.  Okay, I want the ice cream maker, but the three or four times a year I would use it doesn't really warrant the purchase, or the space in my kitchen.


  1. Hi Susan,

    Really appreciated your feedback on my recent Easter post - hope to see you again soon!

    In so many ways we have to control our purchases to control clutter. I have a hard time with our garage because most of it is more my DH's business than mine, but I remembered that we have one sizeable appliance used for just one job - a tile cutter for DYI tiling for a bathroom makeover in the previous house.

    Now, if I could just find it... :-)

  2. Hi Susan,
    Great post, that was clean simple and straight to the point. Think twice about what you buy or even thrice if that's what it takes to make you see sense. Like I always say to my daughter Need/Want Need/Want. It doesn't always work.


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