Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have never wanted to be a minimalist more than today

Cyclone Yasi is bearing down on us.  It is massive. It is really scary.  It's already getting windy, and damaging winds will be affecting us within 3 hours from now.

If you pray, please pray for North Queensland: that people will remain safe, and that the storm will lose intensity before landfall.  We are being told in official warnings that this will be the worst and most life threatening cyclone in living memory.  We are used to cyclones here, but not of this magnitude.   We are used to cyclones badly affecting one or two towns, but not 5 or 6.  We know about them lasting a few hours, not an entire day and night.  Even the authorities are scared. The worst of the storm should miss us, but we are on the south of the storm, and the southern side is always the worst.

We've been madly moving stuff inside, and into cupboards or into more sheltered spots in case a window blows. We don't want missiles inside the house.  I wish I didn't have so much stuff to move - so much of it useless or unnecessary.


  1. Susan,

    This post is from a few days ago, so I hope you weathered the storm all right. Give us an update!

    You know, something good can come of this too. There's a common trick for decluttering where you think about what you would take and what you would leave behind if there was an emergency (sounds like you just had one).

    That little thinking game is a way to help people realize which of their possessions are truly important and which is just junk that wouldn't really be missed.

    When everything settles down for you, think about it. In the meantime, hope you're o.k.!

  2. After I put this comment up I saw you had an update. I'm so glad you came through the cyclone o.k.!


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