Friday, March 11, 2011

Maternity clothes: a lesson learnt

During my last pregnancy I needed maternity clothes from about 12 weeks.  With my first baby, I managed with mostly what I had in my wardrobe until 20 weeks, but this time my belly popped out sooner.

I started out buying a belly band, so that I could extend the wear of my regular clothes for a little longer, theoretically for the entire pregnancy.  That's all well and good if your waist and hips are the same dress size, but mine aren't, and it just kept gaping around my waist.  So I ended up sticking with a couple of elastic waisted skirts I already had, and a few maternity items.

This was my wardrobe (I could have missed something!):

3 dresses - one print, one black, one black with white embroidery
5 t-shirts
7 skirts
1 pair of jeans
5 blouses (3 had 3/4 length sleeves, so they were too hot past 7 months just because of the weather)
1 pair of yoga style pants that didn't look so great, but were okay for if I was just at home doing housework and were incredibly comfortable in the first few weeks post-partum.

So I had twelve complete outfits with two spare tops over 5-6 months, and most of them were interchangeable. I didn't start out with that number, or finish with that number: I had to get a couple more things towards the end when things were getting too short and tight to wear in public!  They were all casual clothes because I'm a stay-home mum.

As it turned out, I had plenty to wear.  I never got bored with my wardrobe; some things I wished I could keep wearing.  I bought a pair of red shoes to jazz up a couple of things because my pink heels got relegated to the unwearable-for-the-time-being pile, and accessorised with what I already had.  

It was probably less than a third of my regular wardrobe. No wonder there are things that never get worn.  There are only seven days in a week after all.

Lesson learnt: I probably don't need as many clothes as I think I do.

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  1. That's exciting to consider!! :) I can't wait to use your tips.


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