Friday, May 6, 2011

Home Inventory

Last night, my computer had its systems updated and this morning a new App Store icon showed up on my dock.  (Of course I'm a Mac user: it's the first step to becoming a minimalist, isn't it?)

Having a little browse tonight I've become quite excited about Home Inventory.  It looks like the perfect program for a nerd like me who likes to categorise everything, but more than that, it looks like the perfect way to keep track of receipts, product names and model numbers, and when we bought the item without having to hang on to the paper copy.

I'd also been considering taking an inventory of my whole house, partly because we are considering a move in the near-ish future, and want to seriously consider how much space we actually need.   I might consider buying this app to do the job, rather than making up a spreadsheet, unless I can easily attach scanned receipts and photos to a spreadsheet.

Has anyone used this, or something similar?

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