Monday, January 31, 2011

an evacuation pack

I don't know what you have seen on the news in your part of the world, but my part of the world is about to be impacted by a severe tropical cyclone.

We managed to miss one last night, but the one due here within 48 hours is a monster, and there's little chance of us missing it!

Today I'm being forced to decide what I must keep and what I don't care if I lose.   The important stuff has to go in a waterproof box in the car, ready for if we have to leave.  You know, if our roof comes off or something drastic. Birth certificates, passports, insurance policy numbers, computers.  Piano.

I thought long and hard about it - there has been over a month of serious natural disasters across Queensland - and the only thing I can't save that I'd really be upset about losing is the piano, only because the particular piano I've got would be hard to replace.

And my boys.


  1. ohh man, I hope you stay safe. I used to have a couple nice instruments and had to sell them in moments of poverty - now I've just got cheepo replacements and its almost refreshing to not be so worried about them. But I yearn for the fullness of a nicer model

  2. Thanks.
    The latest warning is suggesting my town isn't as vulnerable as we were 24 hours ago, but we still need to be well prepared. Cyclones around Australia are well known for being erratic.
    I'm just sticking a tarp over the piano and hoping for the best!


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