Saturday, January 29, 2011

dumping rubbish

My husband is currently filling the boot of our car with some big items of rubbish from around our yard and taking them to the tip.  We've been procrastinating about doing it for, um, a long time.

But, we've been put on cyclone watch.  A cyclone is expected to cross the coast just south of here tomorrow night, which means we could be getting some big winds and anything in the yard could become a missile.  Tropical cyclones are pretty unpredictable, so it could even veer north and hit us more directly.

There ain't nothing like an impending natural disaster to kickstart some decluttering!

Though, speaking of cyclones, I have a radio in the cupboard - battery operated - solely for the purpose of keeping updated during a cyclone if the power goes out.  Local radio is the best way to keep informed if the danger has past.  We've never used the radio, and hope never to need to, but some things you just can't get rid of.

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