Thursday, January 27, 2011


I like Facebook because it is a way of interacting with my family.  We can share photos and other things and kind of be together online.  We communicate with each other more with this platform than we did before we were on Facebook.

However, I my immediate family and my husband's immediate family, plus their husbands, wives and children, is only 21 people.  Seven of them aren't old enough to be on Facebook.  Three of them aren't on Facebook at all.   That leaves eleven - and one of those is my husband!

I don't have a particularly large social circle.  Only a handful of friends.  I can't really handle too many people at once.

Yet, I had 210 Facebook 'friends'.  

Do you know what?   I don't really care what the girls who would run away and hide from me during lunch break in high school are doing now.  Unfriend.   My former students: while it's nice to know what they're up to these days, I don't need to know about how much they drank over the weekend or how much they hate their waitressing job.  Unfriend.   Those people who I know but not well and I'd probably never be likely to catch up over coffee.  Unfriend.

I docked 50 'friends' last night and this morning.  That's a pretty good start.


  1. I recently did similar. I tired of reading about other people's dramas and the kinds of pictures they'd comment on, etc. Particularly of people that I don't even interact with aside from a Hi at a group gathering. So I deleted everyone that I don't actually interact with (at least via emails/chats), or that I don't hope to interact more in the future. Now when I visit the site, the updates I read are about people I'm actually interested in. An added bonus is that I don't spend as much time sorting through that online clutter.

  2. It's very cathartic. I only use FB now for
    minimalist and clutter/ money saving links.


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